6 Meg BASIC SERVICE @ $49.95!!!!


Whetstone/Upper and Lower Huachuca City/Sierra Vista/Hereford/Palominas


Basic Residential

6 Meg/2 Meg
$49.95 Per Month
2 E-mail Addresses


Silver Residential

9 Meg/2 Meg
$69.95 Per Month
5 E-mail Addresses

Gold Residential
12 meg/2 Meg
$89.95 Per Month
5 E-mail Addresses


6 Meg/6 Meg
$129.95 per month
6 Meg/10 Meg

$189.95 per Month

6 Meg/14 Meg

$249.95 per Month

8 Meg/16 Meg

$329.95 per Month

8 Meg/24 Meg

$409.95 per Month

12 Meg/30 Meg

$589.95 per Month


40 Meg + CALL!

15 E-mail Addresses



All service pricing includes taxes and no hidden costs or maintenance fees!


            $99.00 Install NEW!
3yr contract


$199.00 Install
2yr contract

$299.00 install
1yr contract



Our network is professionally maintained and installed locally.



Terms and Conditions


*All Wireless Accounts Require a Credit Card on file for monthly billing.



 Customer Satisfaction is the building blocks of our organization. We put our reputation within the Southern Arizona business community at the foremost in our business practices.


Clark Information Systems
1840 South Highway 92
Sierra Vista, Arizona 85635


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AZ ROC License #198988


Residential and Commercial





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     The touchstone of our excellent reputation is personalized and responsive customer service. We choose manufacturers and other service partners who share our values and belief that quality and honesty are the keys to long-term business success.
CIS helps companies take advantage of day-to-day management of servers, systems and other network devices. Our managed administration services and managed security solutions help you achieve a healthy return on investment and enable you to concentrate on running your core business while leaving the hassles of your information technology infrastructure to us.

  • Product and Vendor Research and Outsourcing
  • Business and Technology Assessment
  • Data Backup Solutions And Methodologies
  • Inventory Management
  • Security Model Implementation
  • PC Workstation/Server Repair
  • Network Design, Deployment, Administration and Maintenance
  • Server Co-location services
  • Custom Web page designs
  • Web-site hosting and email services
  • Software and Hardware Training
  • Remote Backup Services
  • Quick Response On/Off-Site Customer Support
  • Telephone and office PBX services
  • Virus and Adware removal

     We specialize in using only the best, highest rated brand-name equipment in our computer systems and networking equipment. We work on complicated computers and networks everyday. What does that mean for you? Speed, reliability, & current technology in our ISP network. This is a real ISP owned and operated by real qualified computer professionals. Locally owned and operated in Sierra Vista, Arizona.


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CIS Wireless Broadband  Internet features:

A high-speed, wireless connection to the Internet is the centerpiece of CIS's package of broad-band solutions for small and medium-sized businesses as well as home users.

The Advantages
In the few short years since the Internet burst onto the scene, its role has changed significantly. What started as a home-based tool for reading news and sending e-mail has quickly become a pervasive, powerful tool for businesses as well as for consumers. Consider the advantages of an CIS Wireless Broadband high-speed connection.

Many web sites have become so rich with multimedia content that a dial-up connection isn’t even an option. And there’s more on the way. With connection speeds available more than 100 times faster than dial-up access, CIS gives you an efficient solution for faster downloads. 
  • Always on digital connection
  • No Busy Signals Ever,
  • Free your Phone Line

     CIS Broadband services don't require the expense of a phone line. Since you're not dialing up on a phone line for access to the Internet, you can use that line for something else or eliminate that extra line.

     High-speed services of 6 Megs ,9 Megs and our Gold Residential service with connections speeds at 12 Megs. Our slowest service is way faster than normal dial up and feels even faster still due to its all digital nature and very low latency.

     None of the "latency" issues of satellite Internet connections. Latency is the time it takes for your request to go out to the Internet and then return the information (it's the reason that most games and some types of applications won't work properly over satellite).

How It Works
CIS Wireless Broadband transmits information via a radio signal from an Internet-connected tower or a tall building to a receiver on the roof of the customer’s building. The information then travels through a cable to your computer. Information you send goes through your network and back to the receiver on your roof, which transmits the signal back to the transmitter and to the Internet.


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Please visit our Main CIS Site for more information and services!